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Charcuterie Board FAQ's

  •   The popularity of the DIY Charcuterie board continues to accelerate. Charcuterie boards have transformed from a humble snack of cured meats & cheese into Instagram worthy grazing boards. They are no longer just about cured meats & cheeses. Charcuterie boards & grazing boards are often used interchangeably & are used for artful & inventive grazing boards. There are endless options such as:

  • Butter Boards

  • Breakfast Boards

  • Burger Boards

  • Taco Boards

  • Baked Potato Boards

  • French Fry Boards

  • Dessert Boards.....& even BARKuterie boards


How to clean a Charcuterie board:

  • Wipe the board, removing all food

  • Place a tiny bit of soap on a hot dish cloth. Wipe down

  • Lightly rinse with hot water

  • Towel dry


How to care for a Charcuterie board:

  •  Never put away wet

  • To rejuvenate the board, lightly rub with a wax mixture of beeswax & mineral oil or just mineral oil, once a month depending upon use. This will keep the board looking beautiful & protect the wood from moisture that will cause warping. Make sure your board is clean & dry before applying wax. To apply the wax, evenly coat all surfaces using a cloth or paper towel

  • Concerned over staining of the board? Add a  piece of parchment paper slightly smaller than the size of your board. The parchment paper will prevent your favourite meats, cheeses etc. from leaving grease stains

  • Remember never submerge your board in water or run through the dishwasher.

  • Moisture, direct sunlight & heat can all cause your board to warp.

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